Tired of the amount of time you seem to spend cleaning and maintaining your pool? You can save time and money by getting Alice Spring’s Marriott’s Pool Services on the job. With more than half a century of industry experience, we’ve seen it all. From transforming murky water to a sparkling crystal clear, to repairing pumps—we can do it all, when it concerns your pool.

Olympic swimming pool

Pool Servicing & Maintenance

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits ensure your pool is sparkling for the times you want to dive on in. We also offer casual servicing rates. Call us when you need us.

Family going on holiday

Holiday Minding

Off on a family holiday, but want to ensure your pool stays sparkling for your return? We’ll skim leaves and bugs and chlorinate to make sure it remains swim-ready.

Rockwall pool

Casual Servicing

Find cleaning your own pool therapeutic? We’ll swing by when you let us know you need assistance. We will ensure your filter’s working and testing algae, chlorine and PH levels.

Large kidney shaped pool

Green Water Recovery

We turn green pool water into sparkling, crystal clear water. Green water destroys your pool surface and liner.

Outdoor kidney pool


Give your concrete pool a new lease on life. We will repair chips and cracks, as well as repaint the surface of your concrete pool. It will look almost new.

Outdoor pool

Filter Repairs & Changes

We repair and change all sorts of filters. While most filters need replacing annually, sand filters should be replaced every 3–5 years.

Kids playing in the pool

Solar Heating

Extend your swimming season by investing in solar water heating. This cost-effective option will keep your pool water warm all year round.

Indoor pool

Pool Safety Inspections

We will make sure your pool meets council regulations and safety standards.